For already 12,5 years ZoMa Opleidingen offers the accredited hbo-level training course Holistic Therapist, extended training courses at hbo+ level, Reiki-courses, several online courses and further training. Supported by a team of around 40 permanent employees, ZoMa Opleidingen educates approximately 1250 Holistic Therapists about 10.000 Reiki students per year. All being facilitated from their two educational locations that have a great reach over The Netherlands. This makes ZoMa Opleidingen the largest Holistic educational centre of The Netherlands and Belgium.

Quality and professionality

We constantly strive for providing the highest quality. We therefore regularly offer our skilled professionals further training to make sure they stay on top of their game. The class material and methods are adapted accordingly which makes our work style very dynamic.

To make sure everyone enjoyes equal attention and guidance and to ensure the quality of the classes, we keep the groups small and well-organized. This is why every group is formed by 12 students.

Excellent care

A great part of the classes is concentrated on individual development. Every student has its own needs to which our trainers magnificently oblige by providing excellent care. For example, we offer ‘extended versions’ of theory and practice if it can support a student to achieve more knowledge and insight. It’s our aim to educate the kind of therapists who have developed their own, authentic methods which enables them to provide high level treatment to any issue.


To make it possible for everyone to take a training course or course at ZoMa Opleidingen, our educational program is available seven days per week. This enables people who work (fulltime) to take part in a full training course and to earn their degree. Our success rate is 99%!

Team ZoMa Opleidingen

Our team is formed by approximately 40 experienced and skilled professionals. The training courses and Reiki courses are facilitated by our trainers, who share the same mission of spreading light, love and consciousness, support our students with a great amount of passion. Behind the scenes is a great supportive team lined up who unburden everyone: secretary, administration, planning, marketing/pr and facility management. Founder Marjolein Berendsen is in charge of the day-to-day management of the institute, together with operational manager Corina Rouwenhorst, marketing manager Petra van Dreumel and HR-manager Chantal Peters.