Workbook ‘Holistic living, realising effortless happiness’


The workbook ‘Holistic living, realising effortless happiness’ was written by Marjolein Berendsen. The workbook is inextricably linked with the handbook of the same name and allows you to describe all your experiences so that the process of working towards a holistic life on the basis of love and connection becomes tangible. All exercises and tasks from the handbook can be found in this workbook, which you can also write in. With the workbook, you will also receive a link to around 50 audio files containing meditations and exercises that have been recorded by the author. ‘Holistic living, realising effortless happiness’ will help you become who you actually are, be the most beautiful version of yourself and live your best life! Now available!

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Marjolein Berendsen is the author of the books ‘Holistic living, realising effortless happiness. The handbook and workbook of the same title are available separately but, because they are inextricably linked to one another, you can also buy them as a package. Are you living your most beautiful life?

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