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being completely at one with yourself

The online course ‘Holistic Living in Practice’ is an in-depth supplement to the books ‘Holistic living, realising effortless happiness’ by Marjolein Berendsen. The books serve as a compassionate guide to coming home to yourself and your own essence, where you can be light-filled, loving and judgement-free. With the online course as a supplement to the books, everything falls into place: you learn how to be completely at one with yourself, every day of the week.

Just like the books, the course has been developed so you can become the most beautiful version of yourself and live the best possible life. Everyone is worthy of a compassionate, light, healthy and happy life and it can be realised by anyone. By knowing yourself as you really are and investigating and healing all your holistic levels, you can achieve complete balance and stand within your own, authentic power.

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The online course ‘Holistic Living in Practice’ is accredited by KTNO. If you are affiliated with a professional association, you gain study points when you successfully complete the online course. This accreditation guarantees the quality of the course.

Why choose holistic living?

Holistic living means that you take full responsibility for your own life and for everything you do, think and feel. You learn how to cope with setbacks, negative thoughts, pain and the corresponding emotions. It is a lifestyle in which you are aware of and connected with everything around you and, above all, yourself. From there, you radiate light and love. When you make this spiritual journey and know that all things may be, you will always returns to who you really are: at home in your essence.

When it comes to holistic living, awareness is always the key word. This is a spiritual journey which will reveal who you actually are. By being aware of what you need, on every holistic level, you can learn to let go of anything that does not support you. That you can influence your thoughts because they are not who you are, they are just something you have. You can make considerations from a holistic perspective every day and in all situations, about the events that cross your path. The course teaches you practical methods and exercises that can be applied in your daily life so you can always be at one with yourself!

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Who will benefit from this course?

When you have read the books ‘Holistic living, realising effortless happiness’, all the pieces of this online course will fall into place. From being at one with yourself to staying there and just being!
But even if you have not read the books, this course offers many new insights, inspiration and motivation; to live the best life and be the best version of yourself. Are you are seeking more profound insights into yourself and can you use the practical tools to sustain the connection with your essence every day and in every situation? Do you want to realise holistic living, from your essence, in light and love, without judgement, expectations and conditions? Then this online course is for you!

Integrate holistic living into your daily life!

After completing the course, you will have all the methods and tools you need to integrate holistic living into your everyday life. With this magic toolbox, that you create during the course, you can tackle any challenge: at work, in your family, in your social life, and in relation to all your everyday events. On the basis of this awareness, you can always sustain the connection with your essence and know what you need or do not need in order to be holistically healthy and happy.

How is the course structured?

The online course is made up of seven modules, each with four chapters. Each of the chapters offers a theory section, practical exercises, ideas for methods, and tasks. Everything you learn in the theory section will guide you, via the tasks and exercises, towards everyday reality. You will thus discover new or different application methods and will experience what does and does not suit your lifestyle. You will identify what you need and do not need and realise that these answers lie within you, in your essence.

After completing the course, you will complete a short questionnaire; once this has been submitted, you will receive a certificate. This is the final stage and you will then able to integrate holistic living into your day to day life. A healthy and happy life, connected with everything and everybody, that is what you have been granted!

Costs, registration and duration

You can follow the online course Holistic Living in Practice at your own pace. However, we recommend completing one module each week so that you have time to apply what you have learnt in practice and really feel the effect. But, if you need more or less time, that is fine too. Feel what suits you; that is the only way to get the best from your course and yourself!

The price of the course is normally € 199. With 50% discount now for €99. After registration, you will receive a log-in code which will enable you to start right away. Make sure you keep this code somewhere safe! Register now and integrate holistic living in practice:

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