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How can you take good care of yourself in today’s hectic times? Are you able to nourish your desires, wishes and needs? And: how do you do that? The online course Holistic Nourishment teaches you how you can completely nourish yourself and what you truly need to be in balance.

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The online course Holistic Nourishment is accredited by the KTNO. If you are a member of a trade union, you’ll receive credit points after completing the course. The accreditation ensures the quality of the course.

Kelly Tettero
voeding2“First of all I’d like to thank you for making me one of the lucky winners of this course Holistic Nourishment. I’ve just sent you my last assignments. Before I started the course I was already engaged in exploring conciousness and how to live a conscious lifestyle. The moment I started this course I realized my consciousness was lacking one important aspect, the 5 elements. Balance and connection. But also the difference between intentions and affirmations. I’ve learned so much from this course. The course is to the point, clear, logical and easy to complete. Thank you for the video’s, the meditations, the assignments and the exercises you’ve put in this course. I am going to continue practicing staying at the platform, instead of getting on a train. Again, thank you very, very much!”

Why holistic nourishment?
Holistisch Voeden Online Cursus

Holism means the whole: everything is inter-connected. You are a system for which this applies as well. Which means that nourishment entails more then what you eat and drink. It also includes the triggers, energy, thoughts and emotions that enter your system. To keep yourself fit physically you can eat as healthy as you want, but if you lack the energy or motivation to get things done, your lower back keeps bothering you and those negative thoughts keep coming back; means a healthy diet alone isn’t going to cut it. And what about the time you spend on social media: does that nourish you? If yes, how? In this course you learn what you actually need: how would you intrinsically like to nourish yourself?

So you can be physically healthy and at the same time feeling unhealthy mentally, emotionally or energetically. Holistic nourishment ensures the nourishment of all your levels by which your holistic system becomes balanced. This enables you to truly be happy and healthy.

For whom is this course?

Do you feel the urge to get a more in-depth view of who you are? Would you like to gain more insight in your health? Or would you like to become more self-confident and grow your self-love? Especially during these hectic times in which pressure and performance are prevailing, it’s important to take good care of yourself. Discover what you need to be in balance and how you can nourish your desires, wishes and needs!

Whether you’re twenty years old or sixty-five, the course Holistic Nourishment is ageless. No prior knowledge is needed; as long as you’re interested in holism, nourishment, connection or your health, we can ensure you that this course is an excellent choice for you. We hope you will present us with the honours to enroll you.

More happiness and health

The aim of this course is for you to become aware of what you exactly need so you can completely nourish yourself and integrate holistic nourishment in your daily life. You’ll get to know yourself even better! This enables you to embrace everything that comes your way by which you’ll likely experience more happiness and good health.

How is the course structured?

The course exists out of seven modules. Every module contains theory, assignments, exercises and a test. You’ll practice everything you learn over the course of the seven modules. Every step of the way you’re invited to go a little deeper. The exercises and assignments are created to present you with a greater understanding about yourself: what holistic nourishment do you take in, and how does it affect you? What do you need to be healthy and happy?

The test at the end of every module exists out of some multiple choice and open questions. After submitting your answers you can continue to the next module.

After completing the course, you’ll receive a certificate and you’re ready to integrate holistic nourishment into your life. A healthy and happy life, the greatest gift you can give to yourself, right?

Rianne Salverda

‘After taking the online course Holistic Nourishment I finally dared to go after what I really wanted to do. This great course was confronting, but at the same it inspired me in so many ways. Especially the exercises, video’s, visualisations and all the assignnments have granted me with great insights. In the meantime I’ve accomplished the course Reiki 1 and I’m looking forward to start with the training course Holistic Therapist. I’m also planning to purchase Marjolein’s books. I am sincerely immensely grateful!’

Price, enrolling and timeframe

The way the course Holistic Nourishment is set up, makes it possible to complete it within seven weeks. You can also finish it in lesser or more time. You are in charge of your own pace. This enables you to get the most out of the course and yourself. Whether you need seven weeks or six months!

The price of the course is € 249. After your enrollment you receive a login code which enables you to start immediately.

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