Online courses

ZoMa Opleidingen offers online courses. These courses are created to support anyone who wants to invest in their personal growth. The accessible online courses are created with love and discuss various subjects. Their main goal is to contribute in spreading love and light to make a healthy and happy life accessible for everyone. Holism is the common thread that runs through every course.

All online courses are accredited by the KTNO.

Holistic Nourishment

How can you take good care of yourself in today’s hectic times? Are you able to nourish your desires, wishes and needs? And: how do you do that? The online course Holistic Nourishment teaches you how you can completely nourish yourself and what you truly need to be in balance.

Holistic Living in Practice

How can you make sure you always stay at home within yourself, each and every day? This practical online course deepens and complements the books ‘Holistic Living, realising effortless happiness’, written by Marjolein Berendsen. The books guide you home to yourself; the online course teaches you to actually stay there, so you can always be the most beautiful version of yourself.