Holistic living, realising effortless happiness

‘Holistic Living, realising effortless happiness’ is the title of the handbook and the corresponding workbook written by Marjolein Berendsen. The books can now be found in the ZoMa Opleidingen webshop, where they are available as a package and separately. The handbook guides you to become the very best version of yourself; who you really are at your core. The corresponding workbook sets out all the various exercises and tasks and allows you to write notes on your own progress. When you buy the books, you will also receive a link to around 50 meditations recorded by the author. These enable you to apply the various aspects in practice. With these books, Marjolein is inviting you to get to know your true self and to be who you really are, on the basis of your deepest core.

The books are now availble in the webshop.

“My books explain how to live in the moment and experience everything around you while being connected to yourself and your deepest being. With the ultimate aim of being effortlessly happy.”

Marjolein Berendsen

About the books

The handbook ‘Holistic living, realising effortless happiness’ covers living in the here and now, connecting with yourself and developing this connection to ensure it is more profound. Holism is the connecting factor: everything is connected, it is all one big whole. In the book, you will learn how to approach yourself on the basis of a holistic vision and how to apply this as a lifestyle. Get to know yourself and find out who you really are using themes such as self-examination, living in the here and now, and realising effortless happiness.

The workbook is a vital part of the package; it is a practical tool that you can use to set down the process you are following in the examination of yourself, and will allow you to form a deeper connection with yourself and everything around you. It allows you to reflect, discover, experience and reread your notes on a daily basis. The workbook will become a daily ‘diary’ about your life on the basis of your essence: holistic, connected and non-dualistic.

The handbook for Holistic living, realising effortless happiness covers all aspects of living on the basis of your true essence, so that you can live your best life. Living on the basis of your true essence means that all people are born whole and complete. They are pure and perfect. As you grow up and experience more events, however, you must face negative experiences, pain, potential traumas and then, in turn, develop survival mechanisms and patterns. You may also allocate particular roles to yourself. Everything that you accumulate along the way can be seen as layers around your core, around your essence.

If we use a metaphor, this can be compared to being born as a light. The pain, experiences, patterns, survival mechanisms, roles, behaviours and image are placed on top of this as layers, like lampshades. This book helps you to discover and identify all these ‘lampshades’ and layers and remove them so that you can figure out who you really are and feel at one with yourself and your true essence. It will offer balance in all your holistic levels (physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual) and in you, as a person and as a whole. Living on the basis of your essence means being compassionate, judgement-free and effortlessly happy.

Being the best version of yourself

The books are accessible, practical and easy to understand. They are accompanied by around 50 practical exercises, meditations and tasks that have been recorded by the author. In the books, you will also find a link to these files, which are offered free of charge. They are written for anyone who wishes to get the best from their own lives and be the best possible version of themselves. Enjoying life to the full, on the basis of love, light and gratitude.
The books are compulsory reading, i.e. on the book list, for anyone who is completing training to become a Holistic Therapist (or is planning to do so). The books are published by Uitgeverij Gopher.

Why were these books written?

Marjolein wrote these books because she was looking for a practical and accessible book about holism and genuinely living on the basis of essence. Her mission is to spread as much love, light and awareness as she can. She does this as the founder of ZoMa Opleidingen and it is also the aim of the books. This, in turn, gives others an opportunity to seek out their own true essence. It offers a practical and common-sense approach, involving an inner-journey which is set out clearly and unambiguously.

So that’s why these books were written!

With her books, Marjolein would like to demonstrate that holistic living is not a ‘woolly’ concept; it is something that everyone already has within them. With a deep connection to yourself, and everything around, you can experience happiness without judgement. Holistic living is living on the basis of your essence, with a robust foundation, living with your power, light and love. Marjolein would like to grant everyone effortless happiness.

A sneak peek at Holistic Living

Below, you will find a section from the handbook, from the chapter ‘Being effortlessly happy’:

“Happiness, in our western lifestyles, equates to a goal you have created, a goal which comes with examples and conditions. If we fulfil the conditions, we will achieve a state of happiness. The media and lifestyle blogs then tell you how amazing your life will be once you have realised that goal. But is happiness a goal? When you realise that your moments of happiness come from within and occur in the now by being connected to your essence and the larger whole, what do the external conditions do to you?”

Meditation: ‘Loving yourself’

The meditation below, ‘Loving yourself’ is provided along with another 50 meditations/exercises with the books ‘Holistic living, realising effortless happiness’.


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Costs and ordering

You will save money if you order the package – the handbook and workbook – together. The handbook costs € 29,45, the workbook costs € 19,45, but the package costs € 45,50. P&P costs will be charged directly by the publisher.

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About Marjolein

Marjolein Berendsen is the founder and owner of ZoMa Opleidingen. On the basis of her life’s mission, spreading light and love, she works with her dedicated team on training people to become Holistic Therapists. There are now over 4,000! In 2019, she created the foundation ZoMa-Spread the Love. Within this group, she works with other volunteers in the community to provide Reiki treatments to vulnerable target groups.

She also regularly publishes articles about holism, high-sensitivity and awareness on various online media; she is a permanent columnist for the monthly journal ‘Paravisie Magazine’ and also works as a holistic expert with the knowledge platform Your Brain Balance. With her work, she further shapes her mission and enables more and more people to learn how to live from their hearts.

Her books Holistic living, realising effortless happiness are the highpoint of her work so far.