The founder

Marjolein Berendsen started her spiritual journey about 20 years ago. Already since she was a little girl, she experienced everything around her more intensively then others. Because of her high sensitivity she felt drawn to the energy she sensed and she was also able to transmute it. These qualities made her aware of the force of her healing energy and so she decided to start a training course offered by a paranormal therapist. When Reiki crossed her path in the year 2000, the sensibility of her intuitive abilities increased. Even though she enjoyed her current job back then, her heart wasn’t in it. And that was what she actually desired so intensively: living from her core essence being guided by love.

Sequel: her own practice

The training course Naturopathic paranormal therapist ensued as well as the training course to become a Reiki Master which all led her to host her own Reiki courses and coaching sessions from her own Practice ZoMa in the year of 2009. During this period she learned how to provide holistic based treatments. Many of her students inspired Marjolein to create her own training courses.

Marjolein Berendsen founder ZoMa Opleidingen

From integration to accreditation

All the elements Marjolein considered as essential were integrated: Reiki, Being Orientation, Holistic practicing, intuition and all the tools and methods that can complement the essentials. Together with a team of teaching professionals she created the training courses Holistic Therapist and Reiki Trainer which quickly became accreditated by the KTNO. ZoMa Opleidingen was founded!

Founder Marjolein Berendsen is in charge of the day-to-day management together with operational manager Corina Rouwenhorst, marketing manager Petra van Dreumel and HR-manager Chantal Peters.

Marjolein is a leading example in terms of living from you core essence. She chose to follow her heart: helping, supporting and guiding people on their way to insight and unconditional (self) love. To spread her mission and vision, Marjolein wrote the in 2021 published books ‘Holistic Living, realizing effortless happiness’.

The training centre

ZoMa Opleidingen is the daughter of Praktijk ZoMa. Besides energetical therapy and coaching, founder and owner Marjolein Berendsen also practiced Reiki in this practice space. It were her students who came up with the idea for creating a training course, and that’s how it all started. Thanks to the always flowing DNA of Praktijk ZoMa, ZoMa Opleidingen already exists over 12,5 years.

ZoMa Opleidingen derives from the idea that every human being is loving, whole and complete at their core essence. Today’s society prioritizes knowledge, prestige and materialism. Because of that, being whole and complete is easily forgotten. By educating self-conscious and professional holistic therapists with love, light and connection as their key ingredients, ZoMa Opleidingen enriches the society.

That’s why ZoMa Opleidingen focuses on knowledge, consciousness and self-love in finding common grounds with the reality. We do this by educating all our students from a holistic point of view for which we approach all holistic levels with energetic work. It’s our mission to educate therapists whoms actions are based upon their own experiences and consciousness. Without judgements and without obstructions; they’ve let down their guards which has enabled them to treat their clients from a state of wholeness, freedom and unconditional love.

Whole and complete

During a training course or any other course of ZoMa Opleidingen you learn how you can live from your core essence and how you can pass this on to your clients. How you can just be happy without conditions nor obstructions. How you can commit to yourself and everything around you. With your core essence being your home base, you learn to become aware of the fact that you’re already whole and complete which leads you to who you truly are. Living from your heart, that’s what ZoMa Opleidingen has to offer you!

Opleiding tot Reiki Trainer

The training courses

ZoMa Opleidingen offers several different courses, training courses and online courses:

The training course to become a Holistic Therapist at ZoMa Opleidingen is a two-year training course and is accredited by the KTNO. During this training course you’ll learn how to perform energetical treatments from a holistic point of view with Being Orientation as its principle. Living from your core essence. Reiki 1 and 2 are required for this training course.

The training course Reiki Trainer is an intensive and individual journey of approximately one year which you can take after completing the training course Holistic Therapist. Being a certified Reiki Trainer allows you to initiate and educate other people in the various Reiki courses. This is an HBO-level training course and is accredited by the KTNO.

The training course Holistic Energetic Therapist also requires you to first accomplish a degree as Holistic Therapist. During this training course you’ll learn about your own unique set of competences by doing some more self-research. This teaches you how to provide extensive energetical treatments and allows you to guide your clients on a much deeper level.

The training course to become a Holistic Coach is the sequel of the training course Holistic Therapist. Conversational skills and intensive communication are the heart of this training course. You learn how to coach holistically which professionalizes your carreer as a holistic therapist.

Reiki is an ancient traditional Japanese method to activate the self-healing power of the body. This is done by receiving, using and transmitting universal (life) energy. The Reiki courses teach you on several levels how to deploy your energy for yourself as well as others.

The online courses of ZoMa Opleidingen are an excellent choice for everyone who wants to extent their knowledge, get more insight and seek meaning. You can choose between seven theme’s, all of them have a holistic asset: holistic nourishment, peace of mind, from burn out to being balanced, spiritual awakening, living from your core essence, high sensitivity as a positive force and holistic parenthood.

Since September 2019 community-members are priviledged to go on retraite with ZoMa Opleidingen. The retraites are defined by an intensive, inspiring and enlightening three-day programme and take place at a beautiful and tranquil location in Spain. The aim of the retraite is to deepen your spiritual development and to fully live in the Now.

So far ZoMa Opleidingen educated already over the 4.000 students and she has established herself in the beautiful and inspiring edifice in Westervoort. The second location in Moerkapelle answers to the growing need in the Randstad (rim city). ZoMa Opleidingen employs over the 40 employees for the following professions: training, administration, secretariat, planning, facility services, advertisement, pr and marketing.